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Who We Are

Who are the doctors behind the product?

‘We’ are physicians, Michael R. Eades, MD and Mary Dan Eades, MD, the co-creators of Metabosol, recognized weight-loss experts and authors of 15 books, including the New York Times bestseller, Protein Power, and its follow up The Protein Power LifePlan.  Our books have sold more than 4 million copies to date.

We are the husband and wife team who since the mid 1980s have advocated the use of a diet higher in protein and good fats as the most effective tool for weight loss and health improvement.  We have devoted our medical careers first to caring for overweight patients and those with weight related health issues and more recently to nutritional research, seeking a better understanding of the optimal human diet.

Like dieters everywhere, the patients in our private practice requested help in losing weight faster and we were always on the look out for scientifically valid ways to help them.  For twenty plus years, we searched for a natural nutritional product that could give a boost to our patients’ weight loss without the unpleasant side effects of stimulants or prescription drugs.  The outgrowth of those many years of research and study is Metabosol, which has helped hundreds of thousands of people following a low-carb diet and lose weight more quickly.


What is our training?

After undergraduate school (Michael graduated from California State Polytechnic University where he earned his engineering degree and Mary Dan earned her degree in pre-med with emphasis on biology and chemistry from the University of Arkansas) we both received our medical degrees from the University of Arkansas medical sciences school.  (That’s where we met!) Subsequently, we founded a private, general and family practice clinic chain in Little Rock, Arkansas.  In 1989, we limited the scope of our practice to the field of nutritional and metabolic medicine, first in Little Rock and subsequently in Boulder, Colorado, treating approximately 10,000 patients, hands on, with our diet regimen.   In 2001, we retired from active daily clinical practice to devote our energies to writing, speaking, and research in the field of nutrition.

We founded and serve as Medical and Scientific Directors for Advanced Nutrilogics, LLC, a supplemental nutrient development group, headquartered in Delaware. Advanced Nutrilogics produces a line of quality nutritional supplements for health and wellness, based on scientific research, independent clinical trials, and proven results.