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Individual Results May Vary*

What is Metabosol?

  • Metabosol is the doctor developed weight loss breakthrough that really works.*

It was created by Drs. Michael R. and Mary Dan Eades, widely recognized weight management medical professionals. Metabosolis a nutritional supplement containing a blend of five natural ingredients all of which are certified generally regarded as safe or ‘GRAS’. These ingredients, combined in scientific ratios, work with the body’s natural fat burning processes to help boost weight loss and reduce hunger. The Metabosol formula has already been used successfully by hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Based on scientific research, independent clinical trials, and with proven results, Metabosolis designed to help you reach your weight loss goals more quickly and is most effective when used in conjunction with a moderately low-carb, protein-rich diet and moderate exercise.

  • Metabosol supports the body's natural fat burning processes.*

When you are on a diet, the body has fewer calories coming in than required to meet energy needs, and so it turns to its main reserve supply of calories—its fat stores. These fat stores are used for extra fuel; the body sends the fat to the mitochondria (the energy factories within the cells) where it will be burned to produce energy and heat.


  • How exactly does Metabosol work with the body?*

The active ingredients in Metabosol work with the body’s natural fat burning processes. In your body, fat is stored as triglyceride packets, which consist of a sugar backbone with three fatty side units (think of a capital letter E.) To be burned, the body must first break these units into individual fats that can enter the cell's energy furnaces. A ”shuttle“ carries the fats into the furnace and this shuttle requires the nutrient carnitine to run at peak efficiency. Eating a diet rich in carnitine (meat is the best food source) is thought to support delivery of fat to the furnaces. Some research has suggested that the nutrients hydroxycitric acid and chromium in combination with a lower carbohydrate diet, may assist in this process, too.

The fat burning process works within the mitochondrial energy factories, much like an assembly line in a factory, with multiple steps or stations along the way. At each station, the body's energy-production machinery taps energy stored in the fat, harvesting, bit-by-bit, slightly over four-fifths of the energy. The remaining fifth is given off as heat to help maintain normal body temperature.

Research suggests that another key ingredient in the Metabosol formula, aspartic acid, may influence the energy production chain to allow a bit more of the stored energy of fat to escape as heat, when it is burned.

  • What are the key active ingredients in Metabosol?

Metabosol is a proprietary blend of five natural ingredients designed to work together to promote fat burning, especially when used in conjunction with a moderately low-carb, protein-rich diet and sensible exercise. These ingredients are:

  • Carnitine
  • Hydroxycitric Acid
  • Chromium
  • Aspartic Acid
  • Biotin

 The combined active ingredients in Metabosol have been studied independently in two clinical trials, which you can find here and here. Full disclosure: these are only two, short-term human trials on relatively few subjects, but the results in both were statistically significant.

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