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Welcome to the Metabosol™ Success Page!

Metabosol™ has touched thousands of people all over the country, and we’ve started collecting your stories! We invite you to share your success story with us at success@metabosol.com


Here’s what some of Metabosol users have shared with us.  These are the unpaid testimonials of actual Metabosol users.  These are their stories in their own words. Individual Results May Vary*


  • Kristi writes: Metabosol helped kick things into gear and the weight started coming off again. It was and still is my lifesaver. I am on an ongoing journey with my weight to this day. I think I always will be. But I am turning 40 this year and I have been stable at a weight of 135 pounds for over 2 years. That is the smallest I have ever been in my adult life. I used to wear a size 14-16 and now am in size 4 to 6. I still work hard to eat right, to exercise, and I continue to take Metabosol. I know that because I finally did it right, this time it’s for good. I’m going to be able to keep it off!*  (Read Kristi's full story.)

  • Gary writes: Did it work? Yes it did; I lost 45 pounds quite quickly. I feel much better and my breathless problem has vanished. Try it. It worked perfectly. You got nothing to lose! They offer a money back guarantee.*


  • Karen writes: Over a period of 19 months, [on a low carb diet] I went from 310 to 178, got off all the [meds I’d been on] and had normal blood pressure. It was like a miracle! I had a life again! I loved the way I was eating, didn’t want to change a thing, thought “this is it, I can do this for life”! Then menopause hit, and it all stopped working. Over the last 3 years, I have watched the scales creep up and up until I was within 30 pounds of my 310 starting weight. After pretty much abandoning low-carb eating all during the last holiday season, and with daily blood sugars running in the 300s, I decided to resume a strict low-carb way of eating, even if I didn’t lose a pound, once again just to save myself from the diabetes. I began January 6. Other than hrt,[hormone replacement therapy] the only thing I did different this time, over all the failed attempts of the last few years, was added Metabosol. And here we are, 1 month later, I’ve lost 17 pounds! That’s more (by 3 times) than I’ve been able to lose in dozens of attempts over the past 3 years, no matter how hard I tried!*


  • Charles writes: The Stuff works. I changed nothing else, and have started to lose inches.*


  • Lori writes: I would like to thank you. Metabosol has really worked for me in conjunction with exercise and paleo diet. I started at 236 and am now down to 212…prior to Metabosol, I was watching the scale actually creep up even with exercise and caloric intake at 1500. I am VERY pleased with the results.*


  • Edith writes:Received the berry last week and started using immediately. Actually like the taste of it!!! I noticed a nice side effect in the am after taking. My appetite is much less for most of the day.*


  • Dr. Richard T writes: Add me to the list of people ordering Metabosol on a regular basis!  After 6 weeks of taking Metabosol twice daily (at least 30 min before breakfast and two hours after eating in the evening before going to bed), I lost 5 lbs while doing strength training 2-3 times a week. I was previously gaining weight at a rate of approximately 1 lb a week despite eating very low carb, so it looks like Metabosol is indeed effective at reversing that trend and producing a gradual weight loss.*


  • Suzan writes: Dr. Eades, just wanted to let you know that I’ve already lost 6 pounds after starting Metabosol on May 29. I take it first thing in the morning, then about 30 minutes later, I have a cup of coffee (with cream.) I take it every night before bedtime. I’ve also been on a Paleo diet and trying to increase my exercise.*