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Kristi's story is the journey of one individual and should not be construed to be 'typical' of what to expect from using Metabosol.  Your results may differ.

My name is Kristi McAfee...

and I have struggled with my weight since college. I’m 5’ 5” and at 23, when I got pregnant with our first child, I weighed 170 pounds. I gained 40 more pounds, ballooning to 210, by the time I delivered our daughter. Afterward, I was unable to get below 185 pounds again. Then two years later came our second child and, though I didn’t gain as much, I came home from the hospital at 187 pounds and the weight stayed on. When I returned to work I watched my weight climb until by age 34, I had reached 215 pounds.

 Full disclosure here—Drs. Michael and Mary Dan Eades hired me as officer manager for their weight loss clinic, then located in Boulder, CO. I have worked as their executive assistant for the last 14 years. Throughout that time, despite being surrounded by good advice, I watched my weight climb until by age 34, I had reached my heaviest weight at 215 pounds.

I’m no dummy and I knew the Doctors were right that the only way I was going to lose the weight was to go on a low-carb high protein program of eating. The right information to help me was there around me every day, but I needed to be in the right state of mind and the right place in life to do it. Finally I began that journey of eating right, watching my carbs very carefully, keeping a journal of my eating habits, exercising and weight training, and I began to lose.

Although I worked to follow a low-carb diet--I am not going to lie—after the type of food I was used to eating all my life (lots of carbs!) it was difficult to switch and I failed many times and still sometimes do. I tried many over-the-counter weight loss products in my life--as most overweight people do—and found it frustrating. My weight would yo-yo; I would quickly lose a little and then I would gain it back plus some. And, as many of us do, I plateaued and the weight stopped coming off. The Doctors had just developed the Metabosol formula and I decided to add it to my daily routine.

It was amazing.

kristi-after.jpgMetabosol helped kick things into gear and the weight started coming off again. It was and still is my lifesaver. I am on an ongoing journey with my weight to this day. I think I always will be. But I am turning 40 this year and I have been stable at a weight of 135 pounds for over 2 years. That is the smallest I have ever been in my adult life. I used to wear a size 14-16 and now am in size 4 to 6.

I know people say it all the time, but successful weight loss requires a life style change that you have to want to make. Once the weight starts coming off, you’re motivated; you don’t want to go back. That’s for sure! My journey has not been overnight. It took almost 4 years for me to go from 215 pounds to 135 pounds, but as the Doctors always reminded me: the 4 years are going to pass, regardless. You might was well get somewhere better by the end of them!

I still work hard to eat right, to exercise, and I continue to take Metabosol. I know that because I finally did it right, this time it’s for good. I’m going to be able to keep it off!