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For weight loss to occur, the body must use more calories than it takes in.  Although changing your diet and boosting fat-burning with Metabosol is key, one additional way to increase the number of calories the body uses is to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. We encourage you to do so regularly, in the gym, by walking, swimming, engaging in sports activities, dancing, hiking or whatever moves you to move!

To get the most for your exercise effort, clinical research suggests that for people following a lower carbohydrate diet, the best and most effective form of exercise is resistance/strength building exercise. This means weight lifting or by some other means working the muscles against a load and progressively increasing that load.  

Strength building doesn't just make you stronger, it improves your metabolic function and helps to make you leaner and fitter, too.

In 2005, with Manhattan-based fitness expert, Fred Hahn, the Drs. Eades co-wrote The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution, detailing the science behind the method of slow-speed strength training and its relationship to fitness. This book gives step by step instructions for even the beginner in streghth training to follow at home, without expensive equipment.  If you are able to join a gym, your local YMCA, or work with a trainer or coach, so much the better.  The rewards you will reap, beyond weight loss, will be well worth the effort!

*Always consult your personal physician or health care professional before undertaking any new strength training or exercise regimen.