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Suggested Carbohydrate Bundles for Weight Loss


Each of these bundles of low-starch, low-sugar, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, eaten in the prescribed amounts, will be suitable combinations to keep you within the effective (net) carbohydrate restriction during weight loss.  The entire bundle can be paired with a protein choice -- meat, fish, poultry, game, eggs, tofu, etc to make a meal.

These choices will get you started. Your ongoing goal is to eat a variety of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables and to limit concentrated sources of starch and sugar to occasional intake.

For weight loss, try to keep your total net carbohydrate intake per meal at or below 10 to 15 grams. You can enjoy larger amounts of these foods once you've reached your weight loss goals.  For a comprehensive list of the effective (net) carbohydrate content of foods, check out The Protein Power LifePlan Gram Counter (Eades/Warner Books)



Mixed greens with choice of dressing (2 grams carb or less)

½ cup (65 g weight) zucchini, sautéed with butter or olive oil

½ cup (75 g weight) sliced strawberries (with cream if desired)



½ cup (65 g weight) yellow squash, sautéed in butter or olive oil

2 cups (112 g weight) fresh spinach…and

½ cup (35 g weight) mushroom with dressing of choice (select one under 2 grams carbohydrate per serving)

½ cup (70 g weight) fresh blueberries for dessert



½ cup (35 g weight) mushrooms, sautéed in butter or olive oil

½ whole roasted red pepper, sliced

iceberg lettuce wedge with dressing



1 cup (88 g weight) broccoli, steamed

½ cup (50 g weight) red, yellow, or green bell pepper, sautéed

2 cups (112 g weight) mixed seasonal greens with dressing



Greek Salad:

½ fresh medium cucumber, diced

½ fresh medium tomato, diced

1 ounce (28 g weight) black olives

1 ounce (20 g weight) chopped onion

2 ounces (56 g weight) feta cheese

dressing of choice (select one under 2 grams carbohydrate per serving)



1 cup (190 g by weight) stir fried mixed Chinese vegetables (snow peas, mushrooms, water chestnuts, carrots, bean sprouts, bok choy)



2 low-carb tortillas

1 cup (56 g weight) shredded lettuce

½ medium tomato, chopped

1 ounces (28 g weight) shredded Mexican cheese blend



½ cup (85 g weight) frozen green beans, cooked

½ fresh sliced small tomato

½ cup (72 g weight) fresh berries with cream



½ cup (35 g weight) cabbage, steamed or sautéed

½ cup (100 g weight) cooked apples (with butter, cinnamon, artificial sweetener)

1/8 cup (20 g weight) frozen corn kernels, cooked

Mixed green salad with dressing



½ tomato, broiled with herbs and parmesan cheese

½ cup steamed or sautéed spinach

3 baby carrots (about 35 g weight) cooked in butter



1/8 cup (26 g weight) mashed potato or yam

Mixed green salad with dressing of choice (select one under 2 grams carbohydrate per serving)