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The Doctor Developed


  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • Stimulant free
  • Clinically Studied

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Doctor Developed

Metabosol was created by Drs. Michael R. and Marry Dan Eades, the widely recognized weight management medical professional and NY Times best-selling authors. With Metabosol there is no doctor appontment, or prescription needed. LEARN MORE

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Metabosol is based on science research and independent studies to help you lose weight effectively. Losing weight provides health benefits and Metabosol was developed with your health in mind. Made with all natural ingredients, Metabosol is stimulant free.LEARN MORE

Safe and Effective

Made from all natural ingredients, Metabosol works with your own body's natural fat burning processes to curb hunger. Metabosol's proprietary blend contains no stimulants and has no known or dangerous side effects.LEARN MORE

Weight loss is hard, but we found a way to make it easier.

"I cannot say enough things about Metabosol. I didn't have time for weekly meetings, and didn't like the taste of packaged food programs, but I was a person that diet and exercise was not enough. Metabosol helped me go from 195 pounds to 140 pounds. I went from a size 14 to a size 6 in my clothes. I have never been happier and never felt better. Metabosol really works!!" - Kristi

"I would like to thank you. Metabosol has really worked for me...prior to Metabosol, I was watching the scale actually creep up even with exercise and caloric intake at 1500. I am VERY pleased with the results." - Lori

"The stuff works. I changed nothing else, and have started to lose inches." - Charles